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LC Enterprises has a number of other products in the market. All LC Enterprises products are unique designs brought forth by Louis Carroll.

LC Partition systems represent lowcost, lightweight, custom sized office partitions.
Thermocap is a unique radiator cap that has an integrated thermometer to indicate the coolant temperature.
This is a 4 hour long educational DVD with information on how to invent, market and succeed in a troubled economy. This information is presented by Louis Carroll.
This is a large mobile solar generator that provides free electrical energy, from the sun

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Model Price Inv. Status Quantity
Big Lou Rebel Ghost White $319 Out
Big Lou Rebel Midnight Flamed charcoal $319 In stock
Big Lou Roadster Sunburst $319 In stock
Big Lou Cobra HSH Ghost White $319 In stock
Big Lou Cobra HSH Midnight Black $319 Out
Big Lou Cobra (left hand) HSH Midnight Black $319 In stock
Big Lou El Dorado $379 In stock
Bad Hombre Acoustic 1 5/8 nut $319 In stock
Big Lou bolt on neck 1/7/8 nut width, 22 fret $80 In stock
Big Lou bolt on neck 2" nut width, 22 fret $80 Out
6 saddle bridge (Rebel, Telecaster) $25 In stock
1 7/8" locking nut $25 Out


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All Big Lou Guitars are just $319 or $349 each, plus $20 to ship throughout the USA. Overseas shipments are $65

Big Lou Necks are $80 each, plus $10 to ship in the USA. Overseas shipments are $45 via USPS Priority mail.

The 6 saddle bridge and locking nut are $5 to ship (Priority Mail) in the USA, and $10 to ship overseas via USPS First Class mail.

All Big Lou guitars are promptly shipped after inspection by our luthiers. US orders are usually shipped by UPS ground. Overseas shipment are usually sent by USPS Priority or First Class airmail (6-10 days)

Please note any shipping damage at the time of delivery. This helps us to succeed on a damage claim.
Designed for men over 50, the Time Machine is a powerful and natural hormone rejuvinator. Blood test show double to triple testosterone levels, and typically a 4 fold increase in growth hormone/IGF-1, If you wish to go back to being age 30, this is the product for you. This product was developed by Louis Carroll and is highly effective, but tastes awful.. You can now say "no" to the aging process. (No joke).